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Visa for Journalists and Movie Crew

​There are three types of visiting permits for foreign journalists and moviemakers in Indonesia as follows:

  1. Permanent Correspondent
  2. News Coverage
  3. Film Shooting

A journalist visa is issued to foreign journalists and movie crew who intend to enter Indonesia to conduct news coverage and/or film shooting. This visa could be obtained at the Indonesian Embassy or missions at the country where the applicant resides, or, at the nearest country if none.

Procedures to obtain a journalist visa are as follows:

  1. Fill in a visa application form provided at the Indonesian Economic and Trade Office to Taipei and submit the visa application form along with the following documents (IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE):
    1. Sponsor letter from news agency/editor stating the purpose of the visit to Indonesia, places to be visited/covered, and date/schedule of coverage;
    2. Company profile, crew list and their position;
    3. CV of journalist and crew;
    4. Statement of Media; (see attachment)
    5. Copy of passport of every journalist and crew member (valid more than 6 months at time of scheduled entry into Indonesia);
    6. Synopsis or background information of the story/documentation;
    7. List of equipment;
    8. List of contacts/sponsors who will assist or provide references for the news coverage/film shooting (FIXER); and (see attachment)
    9. Sponsor letter from local partner assisting with the news coverage/film shooting.


  1. The applicant(s) will be further informed by the Indonesian Economic and Trade Office to Taipei regarding the date and time to collect the visa.
  1. Upon arrival in Indonesia, the applicant(s) (especially foreign movie crew intending to conduct film shooting) should report to the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture (c.q. Head of Center for Filming Development) and the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board (c.q. Head of Permit Service).

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