Dialogue and Talkshow 'Problems of Indonesian Workers in Taiwan and Its Alternative Solutions'

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Until the end of 2010, the number of Indonesian Workers (TKI) in Taiwan has reached more than 156,000 people. It is estimated that number will increase in 2011. Along with the increase in number of migrant workers in Taiwan, it will bring a variety of problems in TKI themselves.

In response, FORMMIT (Indonesian Moslem Student Forum in Taiwan), facilitated by IETO has organized the dialogue & Talkshow "The problem of Indonesian workers in Taiwan and Alternative Solutions" on January 23rd, 2011 in IETO office. The event was attended by representatives of workers, students, college students as also the Home Staff of IETO.

On that occasion, also attended by the officials from the Ministry of Workers and Transmigration, including the Director PTKLN - Ms. Roostiawati, Head of KLN - Eva Trisiana, Section Head of Asia Pacific and Europe - Purwanti Uta Djara, and officials from BNP2TKI (Deputy Pit. Protection - Ms. Lisna Poeloengan, Head of Legal Bureau - Ms. Ramiany Sinaga).

A-day dialogue was opened with remarks by Chairman of Formmit - Mr. Agus. Then continued by opening speech of Representative of IETO - Mr. Harmen Sembiring, about a workers profile in Taiwan . On occasion, the Chief of Immigration, Employment and Consular - Mr. HS Ramli also gives the explanation of migrant worker placement mechanism and its problems.

After opening speech was completed, the event continued with the discussion. Some issues and suggestions raised at the discussion entries include:

a. KDEI expected to encourage the extension of employment.

b. The process of selection and placement procedures for migrant workers in Indonesia need to be re-inspected, in order that labor that will go out of the country has good skills and high morale.

c. Rights of migrant workers working in the fisheries sector such as fishermen / crew (Ship's Men) to note that in accordance with the applicable rules of employment in Taiwan.

d. Workers who return often get problems when arrived at Soekarno Hatta Airport, Selapajang Terminal.

e. The amount of cut of workers salary that worked in factories is not appropriate to the specified one, by the Director General Binapenta, Kemnakertrans. Legality discount, placement fees regulations (cost structure) of formal & informal sectors, and its transparency hopefully will be re-inspected

f. The material of Preparation of Final Departure (PAP) Workshop, which is given to workers before going abroad it is less consistent with the fact that faced in the workplace.

h. Many workers feel depressed due to lack of holidays, especially those working in the household sector.



At the end of this dialogue & talkshow, The Representative of IETO along with several heads of organizations in Taiwan make a joint declaration to establish cooperation for the improvement of services to migrant workers, so that the Indonesian workers in Taiwan can work well and without worrying.